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If you looking free Plagiarism Checker Tools read this article?
Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Bloggers

Now these days plagiarism is the first problem on the internet. Due to the fast growth of blog creation and web development, most of the people are searching simple and easy-paste methods to get an article.

Even they are copying others blog articles and posting their websites of blogs without their permission. Here Google is very intelligent. Google search engine Spiders and crawlers work very fast. They find out copied content very fast.

So you have to try create content by self not to get copied by others blog or Websites.
In this post, I’ve shared some of the best free online plagiarism checkers tools for bloggers available on the internet to find duplicate content.

Listed Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

1. SmallSeoTools
smallseotools Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Bloggers

SmallSeoTool contain many features for blogger and plagiarism checker is one of those.

This tool is free to use, and no user information needed. This tool is very simple for use simple copy and paste the content to be checked for plagiarism. fill the captcha option and click the check plagiarism button.

It will take some time for check plagiarism. In this tool some time result are correct and some time results are not satisfying.

It also given addition beneficial SEO Tools like

  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Article Weriter
  • Spell Checker and many more option.
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2. Plagium
plagium free plagiarism check tool
Plagium provide one search free in one day. you can also upload your document and copy paste text in the box. in this tool no sign up require.

3. CopyScape

copy scape plagiarism checker tool
Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker tools. This software detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original. Copyscape is very easy to use, in this tool you just need to paste URL os content you want to check plagiarism. Before start this plagiarism checker tools you just need to sign up. 

4. Dupli Checker
dupli checker plagiarisim checker tools
Duplichecker is one of the best plagiarism checker tools free to all. With the help of DupliChecker tools, you can find the originality of the content that you are going to use on your site. This tool work quick, one-off check, simply paste your text in the specified text box. It will give you immediate results with no registration necessary. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

8 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging Guest Posting Minidea

Benefits Of Guest Blogging: Guest posting has currently been recognized because the good thanks to build your blog distinctive in its own means.

Guest blogging is free from price, however it will take the time to write down smart content which will be sent to alternative sites.

Other positives embody exposure for your web log, you get becklinks, and also the whole new audience reads your name.

Follow the eight short tips during this info to hurry up your visibility and viral activity to your blog through guest blogging.

There are listed some Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Meet alternative Bloggers
Guest Blogging encourages you to make the connection with alternative bloggers.
Guest Blogging not only for improve your web site traffic however additionally permits you to attach with alternative bloggers in your community.

It permits future guest posting opportunities, the power to share techniques and expedite the feedback on your overall strategy.

2. Get a lot of Traffic for your blog
Get High-Quality Backlinks to your web log.
The greatest advantage related to guest blogging is that the bonus to achieve a top quality becklinks.

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When writing a guest post, you'll need to feature one or a pair of links within the author bio of the post back to your web log. These links ar the reward for providing high-quality content.

These links can enable guests from guest posts web site} to flow through to yours likewise as your site move up within the search engines for your required keywords, driving a lot of organic traffic to your web site within the method.

3. Improve Your Writing Skills
Guest Blogging will increase your writing skills.
Guest Blogging additionally improves your writing. The a lot of content you write, the higher are going to be your writing skills and then you'll be able to write and post a lot of on alternative blogs.
4. Increase Exposure and whole Awareness
Guest Posting will increase your exposure and helps to make your whole.
For example, let’s you wrote a guest post on a web log with twenty,000 guests daily, and your guest post was viewed five,000 times.

Even though you would possibly not get quite three hundred guests to your web log. from that the guest post the reality is that your name has been undraped to quite five,000 people.

And as time passes by you'll systematically get sequent guests to your web log from that past.

5. Get to know new Communities
Guest Blogging helps you to have interaction with new and exciting teams of individuals.
Possibly, the simplest part of guest blogging is that it allows you to to urge in into already established teams, and share your expertise.

6. Guest Posting is great for Search Engines
Guest Posting improves your rank in search engines.
The one non-negotiable item for your guest post is as well as a link back to your web site. Don’t be greedy and place it within the body text.

7. Generate Targeted Traffic
Cheap Promotion to a broad audience makes targeted Traffic.
By guest blogging on common blogs in your niche; you’ll see some of their traffic run into your blog.

As the authority’s web log on that you guest post and your web log in an exceedingly similar niche, guests are going to be most likely fascinated by the topics of your content and a few of that traffic can stick on your web log.

8. Get a lot of Email Subscribers
Guest Blogging ends up in higher optin rates and a lot of email subscribers.
Because a major portion of traffic derived from guest posts is targeted, you’ll see a direct jump within the range of readers UN agency opt-in to what you’re advising.

Of course, several elements enter this like web log style, landing page style and also the overall quality of your content.

What does one believe? Did you discover this text helpful?

Please share it with alternative fellow bloggers so that they will profit too. Drop your queries and comments within the comment section below.

Monday, March 12, 2018

HilltopAds Review: There are several ads networks other like AdSense and where as these well-known networks area unit pretty sensible, there area unit several different lesser-known ad networks out there that have a bigger probability of constructing United States of America plenty more cash.

One of the most popular ad networks is HilltopAds. during this guide, i'll share a review of HilltopAds and the way to started.

HilltopAds Review, payment proof, earning report
HilltopAds Review

HilltopAds Review: A Complete Overview Of CPC/CPM Ads Network

HilltopAds is a U.K.-based CPC/CPM advertising network. This ads network provide offers various types ads. HiltopAds help to grow their profit, while also helping publishers/bloggers earn extra money.

HilltopAds is most popular ad network in the following category like Gaming, Downloads, Dating, File Hosting, and Entertainment.

They also offer ads for all geolocations, but if you have more traffic from places like the US or the UK, you’ll make more money.

Approval Process

Website: Accept All Types Websites.
Minimum Traffic: Minimum 5K Unique Visitor Per Day.
Domain: Custom Domain required

Ads Format
  • Desktop banners 300×250 – in-video, bottom banners
  • Mobile banners 300×250 –footer, header, middle;
  • IM (Instant Messenger)
  • Mobile popunder
  • Desktop popunder
  • In-Player ads
Payment Options

Minimum Payout of HilltopAds network is $50, HilltopAds give payment on Net 7 Basis to our publishers. This ad network well-suited for all types publishers small and medium-sized. The payments are made weekly, and the payment medium is Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paxum, Webmoney, and ePayService to receive payment. 

Referral Program

HilltopAds also provide 5% of referred partners to our Publishers and Advertisers.

HilltopAds For Advertisers

HilltopAds offers very competitive features for our Advertisers to maximize their ads.
  • Self-serve platform for Advertisers
  • Real-time bidding system
  • 0% financial transaction fee
  • Anti-ad blocking solution
  • eCPM real-time optimization
  • High-Quality Traffic from direct Publishers
  • Retargeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Assistance from Real Managers for setting up campaigns
  • Integration with mobile tracking systems

Friday, March 9, 2018

If you want more organic traffic, you need a great keyword research toolsThere are many tools available that can help you to find out which keywords work the best for your overall web strategy. Read What is the Importance of Keyword in SEO

Top Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Keyword planner
  • KWfinder
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFU
1. Google Keyword Planner Tools

Google keyword planner tool is one of the most and populer keyword research tool. it’s free and is directly integrated with Google AdWords. this tool is very easy to use and most important it is free. Visit Google Keyword Planner Tool

How it works:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login if you have an account already in keyword planner or signup with your Gmail id.

Step 3: Enter your root keyword or landing page in search box and click the button “Get Ideas”

Step 4: Now pick your suitable keywords from the list.

2. KWFinder
kwfinder keyword research tools

KWFinder is the slimier to the google keyword planer. This tools are mostly used to find out long tail keyword with a great interface. It shows you trend, search volume, CPC, and level of difficulty in results. KWFinder helps you get the Keyword that will help you drive highly targeted traffic.

How it works

Step 1: Go to KWFinder

Step 2: Enter the keyword in search box.

Step 3: Select the target country you want to focus on.

Step 4: Enter language.

Step 5: Export the keywords in excel format.

3. SEMrush
semrush keyword research tools

SEMrush is my favorite keyword research tool. This tool provides both short and long-tail keyword research, along with some information on keywords like PPC and organic traffic. Search for keywords that perform well on both Google and Bing.

How it works

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the root keyword in search box.

Step 3: If you are not aware of root keywords, then enter your competitor’s website that you believe are doing brilliant in the internet space.

Step 4: Select the target country you want to focus on.

Step 5: Export the keywords in excel format.

4. SpyFu
spyfu keyword research tools

SpyFu is a competitor keyword research tool that help you to improve your business’s results by understanding how your competition gets theirs. If you want to find out how your competitor is using keywords in their marketing campaign, i suggest try this tool.

In this tool you can enter your competitor’s URL, and SpyFu will pull up all the keyword data on it. You’ll be able to see how many keywords they’re ranking for, the estimated number of clicks-per-month the site is getting, and the ratio of organic to paid traffic.

How it works

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the Competitor website in search box and press enter.

Step 3: See all the detail about your competitor and its keyword.

5. Keyword Tool keyword research tools

Keyword Tool is a great starting point for keyword data mining. The tool uses Google Autocomplete data to create its database of long tail keyword suggestions. 

Anyone using Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research should also use Keyword Tool. Since Keyword Planner is designed for advertisers, it won’t always show lucrative long-tail keywords that Keyword Tool manages to capture. 

This tool is free for the first 750+ keyword suggestions; sign up for the pro version to see data such as search volume, CPC on AdWords, and competition. It also allows you to export your results to CSV.

Some Another cool feature of this tool is that it also helps you find long tail keywords for YouTube, Bing.

How it works:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the root keyword in search box.

Step 3: Select the target country you want to focus on.

Step 4: Export the keywords in excel format.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

For search engine optimization (SEO), keywords are the very important, the relationship between you and your prospects, established and indexed by the search engine. Users search on words or phrases, and, if your site is well optimized, your pages turn up in the search results (Top Pages).

Importance Of Keyword In SEO
Importance Of Keyword In SEO

That’s because keywords are the first things you should learn about when you start to optimize your blog for SEO.

Let's Start With The Besics....

You can go to the SEMrush site and type in your website’s address to see which keyword(s) you are ranking for just see..


1. Keyword : This is the specific phrase which is driving traffic from a specific URL. When doing SEO, this is the phrase that we “target”, so we often call it the “target keyword” otherwise "focus keyword".

2. Pos This is the position of the keyword in Google Search (i.e. ranking). For instance, if it’s number 1, it’s the first result that Google shows. If it’s number 6, it’s the six. And so on… Your focus should be to rank on the first page of Google for your target keyword (Pos. 1-10).

3. Keyword VolumeKeyword volume show you how many people are searching for that particular keyword in a given month. This is a very important thing because even if you think a search term will be popular, Google’s data will tell you otherwise. In the above example, you can see two similar keywords which have a considerable difference in monthly search volume:

  • Free professional email address: 110 searches/month
  • Free professional email: 70 searches/month

What is the importance of keywords from an SEO perspective?

When we “SEO-optimize” a blog post or a web page, we have the option to define our target keywords. This kind of keyword is known as a Meta_keyword. before 2017, it was important to specify meta keywords on webpages, but in 2017, it’s not of any use. The search engine algorithms have become much smarter; they now auto detect keywords and rank pages automatically. Google has already made it clear that they do not consider meta keywords when selecting keywords.

How to Start With keyword research

There are many online keyword research tools by which you can find keywords and do keyword research.

1. Find Keywords with SEMrush:

This is an online keyword research tool that lets you find keywords, see which keywords your site is ranking for, and allows you to spy on your competitors. A good idea is to start picking the top blogs in your niche and add them into SEMrush to see which keywords those sites are ranking for. From here, you just need to start building unique and high-quality content around those keywords.

2. Find Keyword with Google Keyword Planner

When you type on google search will auto-suggest a search query. You can create a list of keywords using this technique and use SEMrush or Google’s Keyword Planner to check the search volume for all these keywords.

Other Keyword Research Tools...

3. Kwfinder - Best tool to find long tail keywords in any niche.
4. Thehoth - Find best keyword with result and monthly volume.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Traffic Sources For Your Website

All webmasters know Without any traffic or focused traffic a website is not a website at all. It’s just another piece of flotsam in the Internet sea.

5 Best Traffic Sources For Your Website - Boost Your Ranking

Here are the five most important traffic sources mapped to digital marketing techniques that – Get such traffic – to come and visit the website. This information can help you with your traffic and how to grow your blog and web page.

1. Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization

Most of the traffic approx 98% comes from Search Engines like Google and other search engines. High ranks in Google’s result page for targeted keywords / key phrases, usually brings in the very best quality traffic. Get – On Page – Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) right, build a decent amount of one-links from related sites and the website will start getting a fair amount of traffic.

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2. Article Marketing

A really effective which brings in quality traffic is article marketing. This needs one to write short peragraph, interesting, ( i.e. 300 words approximately ) articles, which have the website’s keywords / key phrases intelligently and naturally sprinkled within their content if possible.

Next do add your Keyword / Key phrase based links in the article resource box. Submit these articles to great article directories such as Hubpages, Go Articles, Buzzle and a few others. This is a tried, tested and really great way to drive focused traffic to your website.

3. PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

This can be a very expensive way to drive traffic to your website, but PPC can be the great and quickest way to get high quality traffic to a site. Be careful with t

his approach. You will find a PPC campaign which work for you. Once you do scale up the campaign quickly. Monitor the increase in focused site visitors very carefully. Google Analytics is just perfect for this type of such monitoring

4. Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such social media sites provide a lots of referral traffic on your websites and word of mouth publicity for any website.

While such traffic can be temporary, such traffic often signs on for the website newsletter, which will provide you a way of contacting such site visitors again.

5. Email Marketing / Follow-up Lists

This is a great way to build – Repeat Visitors – to your website.

Constantly build up different contact lists for – follow ups. Follow up via an interesting, informative, Newsletter or special Discount offers. This can bring in more visitors that one expects.

Try and place – Viral Messages – within Email content. When your website’s newsletter provides valuable information, recipients often pass this on to their friends and co-workers encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter. This kind of word of mount publicity brings in a huge amount of focused traffic.

Monday, March 5, 2018

On Page SEO Techniques

on page seo techniques
On Page SEO Techniques

Best On Page SEO Techniques that help to your for organic SEO ranking. Implement all On-Page SEO Techniques and Strategies for quick SEO Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is the process of bringing our website or blog pages on to the top of the major search engine result pages (SERPs). This optimization is basically classified into two types.

1. On-Page Optimization
2. Off-page Optimization

On Page SEO Techniques?

On Page Optimization is the process of updating on page elements such as coding, text, images etc within our website or blog is called on-page optimization.

Off Page SEO Techniques?

The process to create back links, which point to our website, is called off-page optimization.

1. Page Title

The page title or post title is very important for any webpage, the title which appears as a first thing on the website or webpage. The title shoulad be around 60 to 80 characters limit. And also, make sure your post title always comes with H1 tags.

2. SEO Title

Google and other search engines take the SEO title and display it in the search engine result pages. Google show the first 55 to 65 characters. So make sure your SEO title would be around 60 characters. You can check the SEO title by hovering your mouse pointer over the browser tab.


<title>Best On Page SEO Techniques, SEO Strategies</title>

3. Meta Description

Meta description is also very important factor for on page seo. Its is not rank directly but it helps indirectoly. It is one of the best places to put our keywords. Meta description helps to increase the click through rate (CTR) in the SERPs. CTR is again one of the ranking factors in SEO. Most of the search engines display the keywords in the description in bold format.

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<meta name=”description” content=”your meta description goes here”>

4. Meta Keywords

In the meta keyword we place our targeting keywords. mostly 3 to 4 keywords are suggestible. Some experts do not bother about the usage of meta keywords. Meta keywords are the least priority in ranking factors in SEO.

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<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3″/>

5. Meta Robots

Meta robots also another special html tag, where we inform the robots or bots to either index or not index our website page.

Example 1:

<meta name=”robots” content=” index, follow”>

The above example means that we tell the robots to index or scan all the page content and we allow bots to follow all the external links.

Example 2:

<meta name=”robots” content=” noindex, nofollow”>

In the second example we not allow bots to either index the page for the blog page or follow any of the links which is available in that particular page.

6. Meta Language

A Meta Language tag is basically used to notify what language for website content is written in.


<meta name=”language” content=”English”> 

7. Quality/Unique Content

Quality content is most essential because only with quality content can you attract a lot of people to visit your posts. Google preferred always unique content. The uniqueness in your content makes users want to go through the work you do, thus making your work viewed by many.

8. Content Structure

Always try to not use huge peragrapg Writing. For example, blogs must contain introduction, body, and conclusion. While writing the body for the blog, you can also add numbers, points to instead of paragraphs to make it more engaging. This will encourage more viewers to visit your website, thus increasing the traffic there.

9. Word Count (850 Words Min)

The word count should at least be a minimum of 1000 words so the content seems good enough. This is not the minimum word count to publish a blog, but a minimum of 1000 words makes your content’s readability higher.

10. Keyword in Title

Make sure that at least one time of your main keywords comes in both, SEO title as well as post page title. Search engine gives more priority for first three words in both post title and SEO title. So, if possible, try to place the keywords within the first 3 words.

11. Keyword in Summary

Add keywords in the first paragraph, precisely, in the first line and if possible, place it in the first word of the introduction line.

12. Keyword in Conclusion

We must have a conclusion part. for adding focus keyword And make sure you add at least one keyword in the conclusion part.

13. Keyword Density

This is the most important topic among the SEO experts. There are no specific rules and policies for the usage of keyword density. But as per 1000+ experiments, we understand that the keyword density of 3 to 5 % works well.

15. Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are always high yielding ones when compared to single or double word keywords. Also, the competition is very low but we can rank it very soon for the long tail keywords.

16 . LSI Keywords

LSI keyword is nothing but Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. They are keywords that need not essentially be synonymous to your keywords but are semantically related to them.

17. H1, H2, H3

The H1, H2 and H3 stands for Heading. We use atleast three Heading tags on each blog/post. The first heading or title of the blog is automatically assigned H1. You can use H2 for the side-headings of your post. And H3 is for sub-headings, if any, on the post. Make sure to use all the three types for better credibility.

18. Image File Name

Before upload any image you should rename the image. That is, make sure to use hyphens instead of giving spaces for the name of the image.

19. Image Alt tags

The internet connection is slow and the image doesn’t seem to load. The image Alt tags are given in such a way that when an image doesn’t load, we are still able to see the text about that particular image, instead of the picture. The text in the place of the image due to slow internet connection are called image alt tags.

20. Optimized Image

Optimized images according to the google so that it can render easily when page loads. We have many image optimizing tools online. Make use of it and get it done.

21. Internal Links

When you select a word or a certain set of words and inter-link them to some other related blog in your own website (Same Domain), those are known as internal links.

22. External Links

When the highlighted set of words in your blog take you to some other website, if you have interlinked them with a blog outside of your website, they are called external links.

23. XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a place where we can outline the structures of your site. We can call it as search engine friendly sitemap. XML format is easily understood by search engine bots but it is not easily understood by a human. If you happen to visit an XML sitemap you will just see a bunch of codes. If you have any crawling issue on your website or blog, XML sitemap is the best option to go with.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

If you're a local business owner, you've likely heard that you should submit your business to local business directories like Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, and similar networks this site help to boost your local search visibility on Google.

Business Listing Sites   Domain Authority Page Authority 84 85 55 62 93 94
Callme 26 39 25 33 27 33 15 28 16 24 12 22 27 37 15 24 37 43 24 36 7 18 21 33 34 45 22 35 52 60 10 22 29 39 7 22 44 49 50 54 82 85 34 37 30 40 42 40 57 65 29 31 31 36 16 30 23 35 14 31 28 29 12 26 16 20 33 26 12 18 16 29 17 26 8 23 33 41 74 78 10 25 10 23
High Domain Authority Local Listing  11 25 26 29 18 31 5 19 18 27 16 30 12 17 3 1 14 20 15 26 11 21 6 18 1 1 1 1 16 28 12 23